Image Video Pricing

Image videos are short videos that introduce your business to the world. A script is not needed.  We interview you on camera and you tell us about your business.  We’ll edit together your answers to produce a flowing video including “B-Roll” shots of your business. While each shoot has unique elements that may change the total cost of the video, here is a guideline as to potential prices for your production.

Bronze Package


1 Location, 1 Interview, 1 Hour of shooting

1 video up to 2 minutes

Limited Graphics / Logo Included

Silver Package


2 Interviews & 2 Hours of shooting

1 video up to 3 minutes

Limited Graphics/Logo Included

Platinum Package


Up to 1 full day of shooting.

Up to 3 videos

Graphics / Logos Included

Secure payments

We accept PayPal

All cards accepted

All the plans include

Have a question?

Let us know if you have a question about any of our services.

When is the payment due?

A payment of half the projected cost is due at the time of the first shoot.  The remaining balance is due when the videos are ready for viewing/publishing.

How long will it take to see the finished product?

The editing process usually takes less than a week, sometimes just a few days.  We will notify you when the project is ready for viewing.

Who owns the final video?

All final videos will be owned by you, the business owner.  You will have the right to use them anywhere you see fit.  We reserve the right to show your finished video to our potential clients as an example completed project.

Can I choose the music for my video?

Yes, you can provide me with music to put in your video.  Keep in mind, the copyright policies of the streaming service that you choose to use for your video.

My business has changed, can I have another video made?

Yes, we can remake your video at anytime.  We keep your old footage for 6 months.  For $75 we will keep your footage for up to 10 years so we can update your video without having to re-shoot the whole thing.

How do I play the video on my website?

We can upload your video directly to your video account (i.e. YouTube or Vimeo).  Those services allow you to embed your video on your own website.  If you don’t have a current website administrator who can do this for you, we can provide that service to you at an extra cost.